School of mechanical engineering held 2021 class teacher working meeting
2021-09-10    Reading times: two hundred and ninety-six

nine month nine In the afternoon of June, the College of mechanical engineering held two thousand and twenty-one Class teacher working meeting. Xu Hongxiang, Secretary of the Party committee of the college, Jin xingkun, deputy secretary of the college, Ling Cheng, director of the school work office nineteen Zhang Chenji, excellent class teacher two thousand and twenty-one Class teacher attended the meeting.

First of all, Mr. Zhang Chen shared his work experience as a head teacher. He made a detailed introduction from the selection of class committee, the discipline management of students' classroom and self-study, the psychological counseling of poor students, dormitory management, and students' career planning. Subsequently, Ling Cheng arranged and arranged the recent Freshmen's work.

Jin xingkun said that all class teachers should do a good job in students' entrance education, pay close attention to the construction of study style and class atmosphere, and do a good job in dormitory culture construction. He asked everyone to improve their ideological and political standing, pay attention to ways and methods in their work, treat students as relatives, care for them from the heart, and make career planning for them.

At the end of the meeting, Xu Hongxiang pointed out that the work of a class teacher is an important part of the work of educating people. As a class teacher, he should first prepare his lessons. First, be prepared Tell a story As a teacher in charge of a class, we should tell the story of China, the story of Jiang Polytechnic, the story of College of mechanical engineering, and the story of class specialty. We should help students to stabilize their professional ideas, set up their ideal of life, enhance their sense of honor to the college, the major and the class, and make contributions to the development of society and human beings in the future. Second, we should prepare students' classes well, and adopt different strategies to work according to the characteristics of students of different majors, regions and personalities, so as to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. Third, we should prepare theoretical courses, study hard, pay attention to the promotion of theoretical accomplishment, and seriously explore the general law of human development and the essence of education, so as to make a reasonable choice of working methods. Fourth, we should prepare psychological lessons, exchange heart with feelings, pay true feelings to students, take students' development as the center, and make students become adults and talents.

(by: Yang Mingxi) Ling Cheng   Reviewed by: Jin xingkun)

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